Biden’s Withdrawal In Afghanistan Has Put Thousands Of Americans At Risk In Afghanistan And Millions At Risk At Home

A photo of hundreds of Afghan refugees packed onto a plane.

Virtue Signaling: A Crisis Born Of An Inability To Think Independently, Discern, or Imagine

An image comprised of words such as “good, honest, hope, character” and so forth representing the idea of virtue.

The First Five Days: Undermining Jobs, Security and Trust. Biden’s Ten Worst Actions In His First Five Days

Picture of President Joe Biden looking weak. His hand hides his face in shame.
Photo credited to News 18.

Kelle Grace Gaddis

Author & Entrepreneur Kelle Grace Gaddis. Certs., BA, MA, MFA from Univ. Washington & Yale. She’s been a guest on CBS Radio, Minneapolis, and UWave Radio.

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